Wednesday, November 29

Inception – Best Science Fiction Movies


Inception IMDB Point: 8.8 /Trailer
Release Date: 
30 Haziran 2010
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio (Cobb) / Marion Cotillard (Mal) / Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur) / Ellen Page (Ariadne) / Michael Caine (Miles) … (For more click here )

The Inception is an amazing film with supernatural and magical fiction, an interesting script, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as Cobb. We know Leonarda DiCaprio as “Dom Cobb”, a very talented thief. It is the specialty of the victims to steal the precious secrets by descending to their subconscious minds at the time of dreaming.

Cobb found himself in the number one seat in corporate espionage because of this rare feature. What he experienced in this extremely dangerous mission caused him to become an international smuggler, and so he lost everything he loved. Here is an opportunity for our hero to get out of this situation. If he can complete this last job that can give him his life back then he must do the opposite instead of the perfect robbery; that is to steal it is not to place it. If they succeed, this will be the perfect crime.

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