Wednesday, October 4

Italian Artist’s ‘Invisible’ Sculpture Sold for $18300


Italian Artist’s ‘Invisible’ Sculpture Sold for $18300

Italian artist Salvatore Garau has created an invisible sculpture that has no physical presence. The work titled ‘I’ was sold at auction for for $18300.

Garau explained his work as follows

‘The successful result at the auction points to an undeniable truth: The void is nothing but a field full of energy. Even if we leave it blank and nothing is left, nothing has weight according to the uncertainty principle (the principle put forward in 1927 by Werner Heisenberg, who made a great contribution to the formation of quantum physics). Therefore, the void has energy that condenses and transforms itself, in short, into particles within us.

When I decide to ‘display’ a sculpture that has no physical presence in a particular space, that space will concentrate a certain amount and intensity of thought at a definite point. From my own name (I) he will create a sculpture that will take many forms. After all, aren’t we all shaping a God we’ve never seen?’