Thursday, June 1

James McNabb’s Urban Landscapes


Urban Landscapes

James McNabb’s Urban Landscapes. James McNabb produces one of a kind cityscape-inspired wood sculptures that explore the limitless possibilities of the urban landscape and our human relationship to it. Traditional woodworking techniques are combined with experimental mark making to create new visions of the urban landscape. See more at James’s site here.

James McNabb’s The Studio

McNabb’s studio is located in a converted U.S. Post Office building in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia.

A collection of cityscape inspired sculptures that explore sociological concepts regarding transformations of cities and urban landscapes. Their beauty, uniqueness, and over-development. James McNabb uses discarded pieces of wood to create sculptures, some with very unique and alluring characteristics, that are contextualized to draw new meaning out of the material and force viewers to create their own perspective of the urban landscape. McNabb blends traditional woodworking techniques with experimental mark making using a bandsaw. This intuitive process, referred to as “sketching with a bandsaw” allows the artist to generate forms rapidly, working through new and exciting ideas without preliminary design development.

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