Tuesday, October 3

Dan Webb’s Wooden Shroud


Dan Webb’s Wooden Shroud – Dan Webb is proud to show his series of unbelievable wooden carvings that creates the illusion of fabric. Dan Webb can carve a pillow, blanket or a balloon from the wood. Webb prefers to use reclaimed wood. (aging over 200 years old). Check more of Dan Webb’s work here.

Wooden Shroud

Wooden ShroudSleeper (2010)

Wooden Shroud
Dan Webb, I Love You, 2006, carved fir, ribbon, steel, 20 x 15 x 9 in.

From the Dann Web

I make things out of many different materials, which doesn’t make me particularly unusual. What does make me unusual is that I have chosen to carve some of them. A method that virtually none of my contemporary colleagues seem to share. The result is that I am asked to explain the carving aspect of my work more often than almost anything else. And the funny thing is that the more I’m asked about it, the lousier I am at coming up with an answer. Not that I haven’t thought about it. Quite the opposite. I’ve thought on it so much that the answer just keeps getting longer and more complicated. So long and unwieldy at this point that my answer goes mostly unsaid.


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