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Wooden Viking Chest Found in a 1200-Year-Old Glacier Finally Opened


Wooden Viking Chest Found in a 1200-Year-Old Glacier Finally Opened

The box, thought to belong to the Vikings, found in a glacier at Landbreen Pass in Norway has finally been opened. The researchers, who found other Viking items and relics along with the box, were quite surprised when they saw what was inside the box.

Vikings, the most interesting in history are one of communities in . Dozens of history books have been written about them, countless movies and TV series have been made. There were even plays that tell about them and take place in their era.

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In Norway , the homeland of the Vikings , researchers found remarkable Viking artifacts in a melting glacier. The most curious of these is carefully closed in the glacier . was a wooden box and sealed.

candle made of beeswax came out of the wooden box . No gold, no treasure, no magical ancient book; there was only one candle. Although the researchers were surprised that the candle came out of the box , this candle was used in annual walks and sacred rites. was used for .

Wooden Viking Chest

The Lendbreen glacier where the box is located is located in Oppland Norway, on a mountain pass . Archaeologists first discovered this glacier in 2011 and began to carefully excavate the Viking remains inside . These remains, which were in the glacier for about 1200 years, were carefully preserved thanks to the glacier and began to come to light due to global warming.

In addition to organic materials such as  sheep’s wool, animal skins, wood and bones , archaeologists found  Viking spears, sheep’s wool tunics, special horseshoes for horses to travel through the snow, gloves, shoes, walking sticks, knives, dog collars, remains of a dog, and, of course, the remains of a dog in the glacier. which they found the wooden box

According to the radio carbon tests, the box was produced between 1475 and 1635 AD. So this wooden box is between 546 and 386 years old. Although it is not such an ancient invention, the “ Viking Age ” in which the Vikings lived lasted about 400 years longer than thought and that the Vikings had special boxes for candles in that era. used .

At that time it was thought that the pass in Lendbreen was used by farmers to  carry candles to their summer cottages . This discovery may be evidence of candle transport at the Landbreen Pass.

Although the ancient candle is not a treasure by today’s standards, archaeologists were not disappointed as it was a valuable household item  at the time and revealed some information about the Vikings .