Tuesday, April 13

World Record: Planted 3 Million Trees in Just One Hour


3 Million Trees in Just One Hour. Authorities from the Philippines reported on Saturday that the nation had broken a world record by planting roughly 3.2 million trees in only 60 minutes.

The seedlings were planted on the southern island of Mindanao as a major aspect of a national reforestation program. 160,000 Filipinos, including government workers, understudies and volunteers, partook in the record.

Despite the fact that Guinness still needs to affirm the numbers before it gives its official confirmation, local condition executive Marc Fragada, who was vigorously associated with the venture, is certain that the Philippines beat the record of 1.9 million trees set by India in August of 2011.

The trees incorporated various assortments, from woods trees to money harvests like cacao, elastic and espresso bean trees.

The Philippine islands were once shrouded in thick woods, yet many years of advancement, logging and slice and-consume cultivating practices have demolished a lot of that.